Touch-free. Mess-free. Hassle-free.

The new generation of Wash & Dry hand dryer taps save water, save energy, reduce mess and maximise space.
With the hand dryer contained within the water tap, there is no need to have a separate hand drying location within the washroom, maximising the space in the washroom improving through-flow and customer movement. They reduce drips and spills on the floor as no one needs to leave the sink with dripping hands.
As the hand dryer is not directly in front of the user, the noise level is greatly reduced. 
Automatic taps also reduce water wastage by only using the water that is required to wash, automatically shutting off after use.
Dyson Airblade Tap Wash & Dry
Wash & Dry OmniTap - Soap, Water Air Hand Dryer

Soap. Water. Air.

The new T3 from Aertek even includes a soap dispenser. No need for separate locations for soap, water and hand dryer. Less hassle for installation and for use.