AirTap T2, Tap Hand Dryer, Wall mounted, Stainless Steel

Aertek AirTap T2 Tap Hand Dryer - Wall mounted


AirTap T2, Tap Hand Dryer, Wall mounted, Stainless Steel

hand-dryer-drying-time.jpgDrying Time
10-12 seconds
hand-dryer-noise-level.jpgNoise Level
hand-dryer-power.jpgPower Consumption
1000 Watts /
hand-dryer-green-rating.jpgGreen Rating
3 Years
hand-dryer-delivery.jpgFREE DELIVERY
UK & Ireland
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Aertek AirTap Wall Mounted Hand Dryer Tap

Aertek AirTap T2, Tap Hand Dryer, Wall mounted, Stainless Steel 

AirTap from Aertek's hugely popular  - Wash + Dry at the sink Tap range

The AirTap hand dryer has its main body and engine hidden below the vanity unit with only the spout exposed above the wash basin. The AirTap T2 version is the wall mounted air tap for use over a basin or vanity unit, 

The AirTap Hand Dryer Tap creates a new clutter-free washroom experience. Users can dry their hands right after they wash them - No more drips on the floor !

This intelligent hand dryer uses temperature control technology to sense the air temperature of the washroom so it adjusts the heating element to maintain a constant warm air flow using as little power as necessary. The AirJet Air Tap also uses the heat from its own motor to warm the air. As it is an intelligent hand dryer it can reduce the heating element power based on the latent heat of the motor.

It is part of a select number of hand dryers offering remarkable drying time along with very low energy, 1000 Watts and under.

Its drying time is approximately 12 seconds using a blade style hand drying method.

As the body of the hand dryer, the main engine, is hidden under the vanity unit, the only noise is from the air hitting your hands. It has a manufacturer stated 63.8dB (at 1m) which means it falls into the Low Noise / Quiet hand dryer category.

Aertek AirTap Key Features

  • Over-sink hand dryer tap - Wall mounted
  • Fast Drying Time 12 seconds
  • Low Noise 63.8dB
  • Low Energy 1000W (or less)
  • Carbon Air Filter for extra hygiene
  • Adjustable speed - can lower the noise down to 58.8dB and lower the power usage down to 840W
  • Vandal Resistant

Technical Specifications: AirTap T2, Tap Hand Dryer, Wall mounted, Stainless Steel


3 Years
Green rating4.1
Drying time
10-12 seconds
Peak Noise level
1000 Watts-
Voltage 220-240V 50/60 Hz
IP rating IP35
Air speed
Hygiene Features
Antimicrobial coatingNone
Finishes available
  • Stainless Steel : Satin/Brushed
  • Aperture Type Jet Tap
    Automatic / Manual Automatic
    External SwitchNo
    Heating ElementYes
    Max Air Volume
    Max Motor Speed
    Standby Wattage

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    User Manual: Deck Mounted
    NBS BIM Data
    User Manual: Wall Mounted

    Aertek AirTap T2, Tap Hand Dryer, Wall mounted, Stainless Steel