Are hand dryers hygienic?

Whilst there is plenty of scaremongering and tactical reporting on the hygiene of hand dryers or lack thereof, the one thing we can reassure you of is that those hand dryers we have classed here as 'Hygienic' dry your hands with air that is cleaner than what you are breathing - that might be a scary thought!

Hygienic Hand Dryers
Dyson Airblade HU02 - HEPA Filtered

HEPA Filtered Hand Dryers

HEPA filtration removes at least 99.9% of dust particles, aerosols, bacteria and viruses. HEPA filters have long been installed as standard in hand dryers such as Dyson Airblade and Aertek Triclone and are becoming more common in others either as standard or as an add-on.

Sterilising Hand Dryers

UVC sterilising has a long a successful history in purifying air and water from municipal works and swimming pools to food preparation. Incorporation of UVC sterilisers into a hand dryer was first available in the Fumagalli MG88A UVC and since then in the SpeedMax UVC. Other dryers have also started including UVC sterilisers and plasma generation such as Sterillo

For the ultimate hygienic drying experience combined UVC and HEPA filtered hand dryers include the likes of Aertek SlimDriPebble+ and Airdri PureDri

UVC Sterilising Plasma