Ultra Low Energy Hand Dryers

Ultra-low energy hand dryers are those with a power consumption of 100-600W.

An ultra-low energy hand dryer can reduce your power consumption (and associated carbon footprint) by as much as 2500W to as low as 200W - a massive 92%.

Ultra-low energy hand dryers may be those whose power consumption is consistently low (eg Airdri Puredri and Quantumhave a maximum power consumption of 200W - 213W) or they may be adjustable to achieve this ultra-low energy state by reducing the motor speed or turning off the heating element (eg Aertek SlimDri can be reduced from 700W to 300W and Velair Pebble from 720 to 130W)

Low Energy Hand Dryer Green Rating
Ultra Low Energy Hand Dryers
601-1760 Watts
100-600 Watts
Diamond Dryers - Rose Gold - HD-D380RG

Diamond Dryer

Diamond DryerDiamond Dryers are powerful, elegant and tough.They come complete with a 7 year warranty.They have a resilient satin anodised modern fini...
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