Aertek T3 Wash + Dry, Over-Sink Hand Dryer Combination Tap - Soap, Water, Air. Aertek T3

Aertek T3 Wash + Dry Over-Sink Hand Dryer Tap - Deck - Polished Stainless Steel


Aertek T3 Wash + Dry, Over-Sink Hand Dryer Combination Tap - Soap, Water, Air. Aertek T3

hand-dryer-drying-time.jpgDrying Time
16-24 seconds
hand-dryer-noise-level.jpgNoise Level
hand-dryer-power.jpgPower Consumption
1000 Watts / 450 Watts /
hand-dryer-green-rating.jpgGreen Rating
3 Years
hand-dryer-delivery.jpgFREE DELIVERY
UK & Ireland
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Aertek T3 Wash + Dry, Over-Sink Hand Dryer Combination Tap - Soap, Water, Air. Aertek T3

Aertek T3 Wash & Dry Tap Hand Dryer Wall Mounted

Aertek T3 redefines the hand dryer experience.

With the combination of sensor-operated, luxurious foam soap dispensing, automatic water faucet and warm air hand dryer, the Aertek T3 eliminates the need for separate water tap, soap dispenser and hand dryer. No more mismatch with the design elements of each provision and different locations enabling other design elements within the washroom to stand on their own.

Reduced installation time : install one tap, no more drilling holes in tiles for soap dispensers and hand dryers.

Seamless transition from wash to dry

No more dripping soap on counter tops and water on floors

By washing and drying at the sink, all soap from dispensing is over the sink where it is washed away. All drips from washing hands are confined to within the sink, rather than dripping on floors as the user walks to hand dryers

Aertek T3 Wash & Dry Tap Foam Soap DispenserAertek T3 Wash & Dry Tap Water FaucetAertek T3 Wash & Dry Tap Warm Air Hand Dryer

Saved space

Along with not needing to allocate space behind or beside the sink for soap dispensers and sharing dispensers between sinks where they often drip onto the counter top, the removal of a space designated for the hand dryer really improves the flow of the washroom.

For the user, it means that they no longer need to look around and wait for a hand dryer, it is a completely personalised experience every time. The removal of the space required for a hand dryer frees up space in the washroom and eliminates bottlenecks at the hand dryer smoothing the throughflow of the washroom.

Intelligent Hand Dryer Design

The Aertek T3 all-in-one hand dryer tap uses sensing technology to measure the ambient air temperature of the washroom to automatically adjust the heating element to deliver warmed air to aid in evaporative drying.

Reduced power consumption with varying heating element power from 450-1000W by sensing the ambient air temperature.

Aertek T3 Wash & Dry Deck Mounted Hand Dryer Tap

Targeting Net Zero

It is obvious that having one piece of high-end technology to replace three, there is a reduction in the carbon required for manufacturing, delivery and installation. The Aertek T3 saves energy in the manufacturing and production process, has lower power consumption when in use and is fully recyclable - we take back old units to be broken down into the constituent parts for whole life cycle carbon reduction.


T3 Packing Contents

Aertek T3 Wash & Dry Tap Packing Contents


Technical Specifications: Aertek T3 Wash + Dry, Over-Sink Hand Dryer Combination Tap - Soap, Water, Air. Aertek T3


3 Years
Green rating3.5
Drying time
16-24 seconds
Peak Noise level
1000 Watts- 450 Watts-
Voltage 220-240V 50 Hz
IP rating IP24
Air speed
Hygiene Features
Antimicrobial coatingNone
Finishes available
  • Black PVD
  • Brass/Gold PVD
  • Stainless Steel : Polished/Chrome
  • Stainless Steel : Satin/Brushed
  • Aperture Type Jet Tap
    Automatic / Manual Automatic
    External SwitchNo
    Heating ElementYes
    Max Air Volume
    Max Motor Speed
    Standby Wattage

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    Aertek T3 Wash + Dry, Over-Sink Hand Dryer Combination Tap - Soap, Water, Air. Aertek T3