Jet Hand Dryers

Jet hand dryers use centrifugal motors or generate high speed air which is forced through a narrowed aperture to form a high speed jet of air which blasts the water form the user's hands. The original high speed jet hand dryer was the Xlerator, a design which has inspired a host of hand dryers and, indeed, a genre.  
Jet Air Hand Dryer
BlueDry EcoDry

BlueDry EcoDry

BlueDry EcoDry BD1000 BlueDry EcoDry BD1000 hand dryer use a high speed vacuum to provide a fast comfortable hand drying experience• High speed hand d...
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Diamond Dryers - Rose Gold - HD-D380RG

Diamond Dryer

Diamond DryerDiamond Dryers are powerful, elegant and tough.They come complete with a 7 year warranty.They have a resilient satin anodised modern fini...
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