Aertek Triclone - Super High Speed Hands-in Hand Dryer - 'Nickel'

Aertek TRIclone - Super High Speed Hands-in Hand Dryer - 'Satin Aluminium'


Aertek Triclone - Super High Speed Hands-in Hand Dryer - 'Nickel'

hand-dryer-drying-time.jpgDrying Time
10-12 seconds
hand-dryer-noise-level.jpgNoise Level
hand-dryer-power.jpgPower Consumption
1760 Watts /
hand-dryer-green-rating.jpgGreen Rating
7 Years
hand-dryer-delivery.jpgFREE DELIVERY
UK & Ireland
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Aertek Triclone - Super High Speed Hands-in Hand Dryer - 'Nickel'

The fastest, most hygienic, hands-in hand dryer

Aertek Triclone is officially the world's fastest and most hygienic hands-in hand dryer.

High Speed Hand DryerTriclone operates using 2 motors to draw air through its HEPA-13 filters directing air out of its 4 sets of triple-blade apertures placed at either side of each hand. The emitted air is travelling at 211mph which wipes the water from your hands, drying them in under 10 seconds - there is no other faster hands-in hand dryer!
Hepa filtered hand dryerAertek Triclone uses hospital-grade HEPA13 filters to remove 99.97% of all airborne particles of dust, microbes, bacteria and viruses from the air before it reaches your hands. 
This means the air you are drying your hands with is cleaner than the air you are breathing.

Low noise hand dryerNoise bafflers and enclosed motors ensures the Aertek Triclone dries your hands with the minimal disruption. At just 70dB, it is one of the quietest hand dryers available in the hands-in hand dryer category. Triclone's nearest competitor, Dyson Airblade, is 85db (10 times louder!)
Low energy hand dryerAertek Triclone's twin motor system generates high speed air on both sides of each hand drawing heat from both motors and warming the air further using friction at the apertures. This means there is no heating element wasting energy and combining this with the lowest drying time of any hand dryer on the market, the Green Rating of 3.9 places it firmly in the Low Energy Hand Dryer category.
7 Year warrantyThe Aertek Triclone hand dryer has the strongest warranty on the hand dryer market. At 7 years, it makes a statement that this hand dryer will be on the wall for many years to come. Manufactured in Europe with exceptional aftercare service, the 1st year warranty is parts and labour included with a further 6 years parts supply or replacement.
Intelligent hand dryer water reservoirMost hands-in hand dryers collect water in a tank underneath the unit. Aertek Triclone uses antimicrobial technology to ensure there is no bacterial build-up within the reservoir, unlike some others. There is no need to buy a separate drip tray to prevent water ending up on the floor.
Osmogen fragranced hand dryerTriclone uses OsmogenTM fragrance pods which are inserted into the dryer to release a natural odour eliminating fragrance to amplify the user experience. With OsmogenTM, Triclone does not suffer from stale odours associated with some other hands-in hand dryers.
Vandal resistant hand dryerTriclone's cover is a vandal-resistant, 2.6mm thick, impact-tested ABS plastic (the same material riot shields are made from). Its lacquer coat prevents colour degradation, cracking and abrasion. Triclone has been tested to resist the rigours of a real-life washroom.

Aertek Triclone with industry leading 7 year warranty

Technical Specifications: Aertek Triclone - Super High Speed Hands-in Hand Dryer - 'Nickel'


7 Years
Green rating3.9
Drying time
10-12 seconds
Peak Noise level
1760 Watts-
Voltage 220-240V 50/60 Hz
IP rating IP23
Air speed
Hygiene Features

HEPA Filtered

Antimicrobial coatingMicroban
Finishes available
  • Black
  • Silver/Grey
  • White
  • Aperture Type Blade
    Automatic / Manual Automatic
    External SwitchNo
    Heating ElementYes
    Max Air Volume
    Max Motor Speed
    Standby Wattage

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    Aertek Triclone - Super High Speed Hands-in Hand Dryer - 'Nickel'

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