SwimSuit Dryer - Swim Suit Water Extractor

SwimSuit DryerSwimSuit Dryer

SwimSuit Dryer - Swim Suit Water Extractor

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SwimSuit Dryer

The Swimsuit Dryer’s design has been focused towards ergonomics, safety and longevity and addresses shortfalls in other commercial costume dryers available.

Durable, high-quality components coupled with technical innovations ensure The Swimsuit Dryer beats the competition. 

The SwimSuit Dryer has a bespoke IP54 rated water resistant, long life motor, available in 220-240V 50/60HZ and 110-120V 50/60HZ configurations with integrated RCD protection.

It is durable and built to last, designed solely for The Swimsuit Dryer with the highest quality components.

It incorporates a completely maintenance-free, fast acting brake.meaning additional safety due to the basket stopping quickly, every time.

SwimSuit Dryer is user servicable. It enable easy access to the inner liner via special screws so cleaning and on-site maintenance are easy which prolongs lifespan.

It's start stop is electrically operated with no mechanical parts.

It has a cut-off if suits are not put in correctly so as to protect the unit.

It also has a 10 second cut-off, which is more than enough to enable a complete dry.

Water drains into the waste water supply.

SwimSuit Dryer is available in 9 colours

SwimSuit Dryer

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