SUITMATE® Swimsuit Dryer Water Extractor

SUITMATE Swim Suit Water Extractor


SUITMATE® Swimsuit Dryer Water Extractor

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SUITMATE Swim Suit Dryer

SUITMATE® Swimsuit Dryer Water Extractor

Suitmate water extractor solves wet swimsuit problems

Suitmate works by removing 95% of a suit's water in just 8 seconds without using heat.

The Suitmate's fast spin cycle at 3100 rpm removes water by centrifugal force, draining it safely into the waste water supply connected.

The Suitmate Water Extractor is the most popular costume dryer in the world for commercial pools.

Limited Warranty:  2 years, parts only.  After year 2 we can provide parts at cost or offer a full, authorised repair service.


Safety Features

  • Manual self-start and self-stop
  • No exposed moving parts
  • Built-in ground fault circuit interrupter
  • Automatic shut off after 8 seconds - to reset, lift the lid

Operating Features

  • Easy to follow instructions.
  • Apply hand pressure on lid to start
  • Removes approximately 95% of a suit's water in 8 seconds
  • Uses no heat
  • Safe for all swimsuit materials
  • One suit per operation

Dimensions: 38 x 38 x 59 cm

Weight: 25 Kgs

Shipping dimensions: 46 x 46 x 66 cm

Shipping weight: 30 Kgs

Annual maintenance is recommended from second year onwards.

As a SUITMATE authorised provider, if you experience any issues with your SUITMATE unit, you can contact us directly to assist with troubleshooting or to carry out repairs and/or servicing.

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SUITMATE Troubleshooting Guide
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Suitmate Swimsuit Dryer