Veltia V7 300 - New Luna 7 Model

Veltia V7 300 Luna 7 Snow White


Veltia V7 300 - New Luna 7 Model

Veltia V7 300  - New Luna 7 Model

Veltia V7300 Luna7 from Everything Hand Dryers is the newest version of the original Veltia hand dryer.

The Veltia V7 300 is unique

It uses approx 300 little holes inside the mouth of the machine to dry both our your hands at the same time without having to move them through a blade.

It is the only hands-in hand dryer that does not use a blade.

The 2 motors dry your hands in around 10-12 second making it as fast as the other competition.

Available in a multitude of colours and with 'zero smell' gels to fragrance the washroom on every use.

Veltia V7 300 Silver Aluminium, now with 5 YEAR WARRANTY!

IPX1 Class II

Veltia V7 300  - New 'Super 7' Model
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