Renting Hand Dryers

Renting a hand dryer will significantly reduce your initial outlay.

There are no upfront charges for documentation, installation*1 or delivery.

The ongoing cost of renting a hand dryer is simple to manage and will ease your cash-flow, always being less than the ongoing cost of using paper hand towels or roller hand towel cabinets*2.

At the start of your contract, the dryers are delivered, unpacked, installed and all packaging removed for you. Installation of the hand dryer is free of charge*1 and there are no documentation fees or hidden charges meaning your initial (and ongoing) outlay is no more than the agreed monthly rental cost and all repairs should they be needed are covered under the agreement.

Rental terms are available for 3 or 5 years depending on the hand dryer and your requirements. You will have an option to buy at the end of the contract for a small further payment or you can keep renting the existing dryer or indeed upgrade to the newest version.

You are always responsible for the proper care and maintenance of the hand dryer including daily cleaning of the exterior of the unit including the vents to ensure proper air flow to the motor as you would if you owned the dryer. Any replacement filters are usually covered under the agreement.

Popular rental hand dryers are:

Dyson Airblade V (HU02)

Aertek AirJet Satin Stainless Steel

Veltia TriBlade

World Dryer VerdeDri

Hand Dryer rental charges will depend on the dryer, the term and the number of hand dryers to be installed.

Please call us or email to discuss your requirements and we can arrange an initial quote. If this is to your satisfaction we would arrange a no-charge, no-obligation survey by our engineer to evaluate the site location suitability for installation. It’s as easy as that.We can offer rental on any hand dryer, just get in touch to explore the possibilities.

*1 Installation is free of charge in most circumstances. If you have a power supply available that is suitable and adequate (eg there is, or was, a hand dryer at that location) then we can use that power supply and install and connect your new hand dryer at no charge (and dispose of all packaging and the old dryer). If there is a power supply available within 1 metre of the installation location, then it is usually able to use that power supply. If you don’t have a power supply or it is in a different location, then we will provide you with a cost for installing. This will always be the actual cost of the installation. We do not charge any extra or mark-up on this, guaranteed! You are of course always able to source your own electrician if you prefer and we can despatch the dryer to them or you to carry this out.

*2 Actual cost comparison for hand dryer rental vs paper towels or roller towels will depend on the number of units required and amount of use they get. The price for rental reduces depending on the number of units installed.