OFFICIAL RETAILER : Velair Pebble/Luna MINI Dry Plug & Play Hand Dryer

Velair Pebble Mini - Silver


OFFICIAL RETAILER : Velair Pebble/Luna MINI Dry Plug & Play Hand Dryer

Velair Pebble/Luna MINI Dry Plug & Play Hand Dryer

If Pebble had a superhero baby, 

                      it would be Pebble Mini

Using the same unique clip-on, clip-off mounting system (Terra 4), the Pebble Mini hand dryer can be removed, replaced and swapped without any electrical knowledge or experience. A Pebble Mini can be removed and replaced with the Pebble and vis versa, in seconds!

Hygienic Hand Dryer

Although Pebble Mini does not have the same HEPA filtration of its bigger sibling, it does still use MICROBAN silver-ion nano-technology IONPURE impregnated into the cover is widely used across many industries for infection control in reducing bacterial cross-contamination.

Warranty and Life-expectancy

The 3 year, 24 hour replacement warranty gives peace of mind that a faulty dryer, as rare as it would be, can be replaced within a matter of a couple of days by any member of staff. You will receive a replacement Pebble Mini dryer which you can easily swap in under 1 minute reducing downtime and saving money on expensive electrician's call-out fees.

Environmental Impact

The Pebble Mini hand dryer has a low environmental impact without compromising on style or efficiency.

With its fast 12-second drying time and low energy consumption (800W) it is one of the most energy efficient hand dryers on the market

Low Noise

Many establishments require a low-noise hand dryer. The Pebble hand dryer has a noise level of just 78dB at 1m.

This means it is quiet enough to fall into the Low Noise category making it suitable for all quiet areas including those used by people with noise sensitivities.

Velair Pebble/Luna MINI Plug & Play Hand Dryer

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