Coin-Operated Hair Dryer - 20p mechanism

Aertek Coin Operated Hair DryerAertek Coin Operated Hair Dryer


Coin-Operated Hair Dryer - 20p mechanism

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Coin operated Hair Dryer

The Valera styler hair dryer is an attractively designed 'salon' type hair dryer ideal for in, sports and leisure clubs, changing rooms, camp sites, hotels etc.

This high quality hair dryer has a two speed/two heat drying option together with a 'cool setting'.

This coin-operated hair dryer vending unit is fitted with a 20p coin mechanism. Where coins are not appropriate the coin mechanism can be replaced by a simple push button to start the timer.

The timer on can be adjusted from 30 seconds to 3 minutes approx.

The coin operated hair dryer vending unit is manufactured from high grade 316 stainless steel and is fitted with a highly polished stainless 'safety mirror' making them ideal for changing room areas.

The Styler Deluxe uses a 1800 watt hair dryer running at 230 volts 50hz. This applies to both the Styler Deluxe Coin operated and push button machines.

The internal electronic timer can be set to operate between 1/2 minute and 3 minutes approx.

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Coin operated Hair Dryer