Customise your Xlerator hand dryer

No matter where your allegiances lie this World Cup 2022 in Qatar, you can fly your flag in your washrooms by choosing to customise your Xlerator hand dryer to display your company colours, logo, bespoke design or message.

The Xlerator hand dryer uses exclusive Kolorfusion digital technology to emblazen your image across the entire surface of the hand dryer. Using high-resolution images, the customised Xlerator adds an extra level of branding to your washroom that will help show your customers your important message or simply reinforce your branding.

Despite the fact that the customer will only be spending 10 seconds in front the dryer due to the high speed motor, but with a 7 year warranty, it is a message that will endure every time they use the washrooms.

Xlerator is available with HEPA filtration which remove 99.999% of bacteria, viruses and other aerosols from the air before it dries your hands.

Xlerator also has the option of reducing the air flow speed to limit the noise level and reduce power, making it even more energy efficient. The wider 1.1" nozzle can reduce the noise level even further if the volume is sensitive.