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Wash + Dry at the sink

A new breed of hand dryers has emerged : wash + dry at the sink.

In a drive to reduce the amount of space needed in the washrooms and to prevent drips from people's hands making it to the floor, the was+dry at the sink range has evolved in a few different formats.


Dyson wash+dry Airblade Tap

Dyson Airblade Tap - Wash + Dry

Dyson led the way with their Airblade Tap range. This unique solution incorporates Dyson's market leading patented hand dryer technology into a combination water tap and hand dryer.

The user places their hands underneath the tap to wash their hands, with water flowing automatically. They then move their hands to the side when the dryer will start. Air comes out of 2 blades of air so the use can wipe the water from their hands directly into the sink.

This is the only solution combining the washing and drying features in one 'tap'.

It has a unique, distinctive design and is available in 3 formats




Complete wash + dry at the sink ranges:


Aertek Tap range : AirTap, SoapTap, AutoTap

Aertek Tap Range - Wash & Dry at the sink

The Aertek range is a matching family of automatic water faucet, Soap dispenser and hand dryer.

With decades of experience in hand dryer and automatic washroom accessories development, the Aertek range has guaranteed performance, durability and longevity.

The complementing range is available in deck mounted and wall mounted formats.

The soap dispenser is available as foam soap, liquid soap or hand sanitiser.

These can be purchased as a complete suite or individually to suit your needs.




Lovair Ribbon range : Ribbon water, air and soap

Lovair Ribbon Hand Dryer Taps

Lovair have an extensive range of hand dryers and dispensers. Their hugely popular AirFury model is the engine that drives the tap. As with all the previous, the motor sits neatly underneath the sink, or inside a vanity unit out of sight.

Again it has a range which includes water tap and soap dispenser.

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