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Buttercrane Shopping Centre, Newry – Loo of the Year Award Winner

When Buttercrane shopping Centre decided to update their washroom facilities, they had a very clear specification. They wanted to replace the washrooms with a modern, clean, hygienic, user-friendly, environmentally sound experience. A lot of adjectives there but an experience they achieved which also helped them scoop a load of accolades at the Loo of the Year Awards.


Their facilities for parenting rooms are amongst the best in all of UK and Ireland. They have everything that a parent could need when tending to their little one, including sensory rooms for those with more complex needs. Their choice of hand dryer was a key consideration in the design of the washrooms and Puff the Magic Dryer was the only dryer that they felt would suit their requirements.


Puff the magic dryer is specifically designed with children in mind. It uses 2 motors to create a strong but gentle airflow. This means it does not need to rely on high speed air to dry your hands which can cause distress to young children and those with sensory sensitivities.


The design of Puff the Magic Dryer has been well thought out to help encourage its use, promoting hand washing and drying for kids with its child-friendly design both on the hand dryer itself and the backing board which proudly declares ‘Put your hands under my mouth and I will blow them dry quickly and quietly’.


It is sure to have helped them achieve their well-deserved parenting room award.


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