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About the Veltia Brand

Veltia hand dryers manufacture in Spain are one of the leaders in hands-in hand dryer design. It has the most extensive range of colours of any hand dryer manufacturer in the world. Its recent redesign now incorporates the new V7 motor providing exceptional drying time with a motor that is expected to outlast most on the market. Its 5 year warranty accentuates this. The hands-in range has no less than 8 different colours to choose from making it aesthetically the most diverse hand dryer choice suitable for all washroom specifications. The Veltia V7 300 is unique in its operation with 300 tiny holes inside the mouth of the machine which gently massage and buffet both sides of your hands with warm high speed air without you having to move them in and out of the unit to get them dry. The Tri-blade version uses the same technology but with 3 blades of air on either side of the mouth to form a blade of air competing head-on with the market leaders in hands-in blade hand dryer design. Both version of the hands-in hand dryer have the option of ‘Zero-Smell’ which reduces and eliminates washroom odours by producing a pleasant aroma on each use. Veltia also has the F1, F2 and F5 eco dryer. A high speed hands under range of hand dryers for when a hands-in version is either unsuitable or undesired.

Hand Dryer Range

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