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Titanic goes ‘Quiet’

The Titanic Visitor centre in Belfast is officially the world’s leading visitor attraction. When the centre was built in 2007, the original specification for the centre included Xlerator hand dryers. O3 group supplied these to be fitted by the electricians before it opened. The Xlerator is an extremely efficient hand dryer and well able to cope with the vast visitor number the centre has been receiving. The problem that has arisen is the noise from these dryers which are near conference rooms. Depending on the nature of the conference, the sound of the hand dryers being used can cause a disturbance so they turned the dryers off, provided hand towels (very nice hand towels!) and had a sign asking users not to use the dryers during conference times.

Titanic Belfast - Xlerator hand dryers

When Titanic came to use for a solution, there was an obvious answer. They needed a dryer that was fitting to the exacting standards and exquisite design of the centre. It needed to be energy efficient and fast. It also needed to be quiet.

The new Dyson Airblade V ‘Quiet’ is 35% quieter than its predecessors and over 35% more energy efficient. The noise level of 81dB is a vast reduction from most high-speed hand dryers. The staff have reported it as a ‘night and day’ comparison. The don’t need to keep the hand dryers off during conferences any longer!

A world-class hand drying solution for a world-class visitor attraction.


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