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New Sterilising Hand Dryer - Sterillo

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The new Sterillo Sterilising Hand Dryer from AirSteril actually destroys airborne and surface resident bacteria with the innovative plasma chamber. This unique hand dryer contains a permanantly active steriliser base on AirSteril's patented technology to reduce bacteria, spores, germs and odours giving a hygienically fresh washroom at all times.

Washrooms are a breeding ground for bacteria by their very nature. The Sterillo hand dryer is designed to neutralise germs and pathogens in the air and on surfaces eliminating 98.8% of airborne bacteria, spores and moulds.

The Sterillo hand dryer can replace your existing hand dryer without any special installation or maintenance to provide a clean, fresh washroom environment without the use of any chemicals or perfumes.

Sterillo is a true revolution in hand dryer technology and for the future of comfortable, hygienic, efficient washrooms.

“The most hygienic hand dryer available on the market today”

- Raymond Martin
MD British Toilet Assoc

New Hand Dryer - Veltia TriBlade

The new TriBlade from Veltia manufacturers 'Veltek' has been launched. The Tri-Blade uses 2 sets of 3 blades of air to scrape water from your hands and collect it in a reservoir underneath the dryer which can be removed and emptied.This is an extremely powerful hand-dryer with a drying time of approximately 12 seconds.The Veltek [...]

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